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You = Cultured, Complex, Beautiful

You, you who are so enriched by quirks, idiosyncrasies, uniqueness, and all characteristics synonymous, cannot be replicated. It is true, you could be emulated by those, who are still unique, but neither you, nor those who might endeavor to emulate you could ever be duplicated. How empowering it is to know this fundamental truth, when acknowledged and embraced, becomes our superpower. But how equally easy it is to forget. A superpower lies dormant within every single one of us – stirring, waiting to be discovered, embraced, and harnessed.

This ease, the ease to either neglect or acknowledge your superpower, ironically, is what yields the complexity of the human, the complexity of the mind. We, as humans with unique brains, ultimately decide what we choose to perceive among those things already discovered or discoverable; moreover, we ultimately dictate what it is that we choose to endeavor to discover. The journey of wellbeing intertwined into layers of life. The yearning to continue the path of discovery involved with emotions, correlations between aspects of our lives compiling stress, deepening anxiety and unraveling our mental state if we let it. Yet those same aspects of life tend to be able to exist in multiple states, some which can be destructive and are then respected, but most appreciated as beautiful when we “decide”, to not be destructive and to just “be.” The letting go of life, embracing all that is known is the unknown.

You, in your most beautiful form, chooses to deliberately acknowledge the beauty in the uniqueness of you, as a human being. It is then, that the more complex this life, the more the human brain is consciously exposed to, the more potential one has to be their most beautiful, their most cultured, their most refined. It is from this place of acknowledgement, stillness, and center where you discover the best version of you.

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