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Collection 2020

A vibrant synergy of cosmic cells, we are always alive and moving. Mowellens fall collection celebrates the art of collecting: people accumulating memories of uncharted times; rituals rising, refining, transforming and becoming the fibre of our lives; inner self-improvement unveiling unlearnings of importance in the path forward; landscapes luminously light the way, regenerating from a stagnation of travel; and creeping nature peeking through overlooked spaces. Within this collection of variations in time, Mowellens finds a new identity through change.

Helping you find ease in effort.

Sometimes in harmony, sometimes seemingly dissonant, like our lives, nothing goes with nothing, but everything goes together. Sheer silks dancing to extend transparency of emotion, culture, and flow. Natures intelligence shaping a change in perspective to survival of not the fittest but the most symbiotic. Human-made provoking the superhuman mind to learn, fulfilling a yearning for engagement and thought. Mowellens, here not to fix, but to create a feeling within.

This is our mapped time and place of which we dare not meet stress with resistance. It is in the art of collecting acceptance, pause, and clarity where we find our catalyst to reveal an ease in your effort to support a better version of ‘you’. To keep going. To grow. To flourish.

Let this be your season.

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