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Five Day CBD Journal

Inner Peace in real life. Seattle-based writer, Sarah Grothjan, shares her ritual.


Under normal circumstances, I take CBD occasionally to calm feelings of anxiousness. However, my anxiety is higher than normal because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve also had some trouble falling asleep at night. I decided to incorporate Inner Peace into my day to make it easier to deal with my anxious feelings and feel calmer in the evening. Here’s my experience.


Day 01: Today, my heart feels heavy. There are big problems in the world right now that I—like millions of others—am trying to understand. I feel tired, yet when I lay down, sleep doesn’t come easily. I’m fidgety, and my focus is fragmented. I realize my mind is getting the best of me today. Sarah: 0. Anxiety: 1. I squeeze a few drops of Inner Peace beneath my tongue and wait. I eventually forget what I’m waiting for because I’m feeling OK again. I won’t sugar coat things and say that the difficult emotions have subsided completely, but I feel better equipped to handle them. Inner Peace has taken the edge off, and I’m feeling more like me.

Day 02: I wake up feeling … OK. And I’m OK with that. I walk to my kitchen and blend my morning smoothie: a frozen banana, vegan protein powder, berries. I pour it in a mason jar, add a few drops of Inner Peace and stir it with a reusable straw. I sip the smoothie as I plan my day. Eventually, I open my computer and get to work. I’m productive. By midday, I’m still feeling OK, but to ensure I continue feeling this way, I squeeze a few more drops beneath my tongue. I repeat this before I go to bed. I’ve been struggling to sleep lately, but slumber comes a little easier tonight.

Day 03: I feel on edge this morning. Maybe because I started my day by reading the news. I digest what I’ve read and honor what I’m feeling. I put my phone in the kitchen and dive into a good book before beginning the work day. I start feeling better. I remind myself to be extra compassionate toward myself during this time.

Day 04: I’ve been starting each day with a few drops of Inner Peace under my tongue. It’s helping. I feel more in control today. Not like I have a death grip on life, but like I’m flowing easily through it. Today is seamless. It’s productive. I am compassionate toward myself. Today is a good day.

Day 05: Feeling OK is a moment-to-moment thing for me, and Inner Peace is helping me maintain a sense of calm. I’m able to appreciate the good moments, including a Zoom call with friends and a socially distanced walk around my Seattle neighborhood. It’s a daily practice to feel OK amid the uncertainty of life right now. I find myself being more compassionate toward myself about not always feeling my best. And the drops of Inner Peace help me take the edge off, so my anxiety feels more manageable.


The verdict: I feel more in control of my emotions since taking Inner Peace. I think it’s normal to feel difficult emotions right now, but I feel better equipped to handle them when I can take the edge off. It’s like having a trusty sidekick that adds a bit of “OK” to my day.



Bio: I’m Sarah, a Seattle-based writer working in the outdoor industry. I enjoy long walks through the mountains.    Sarahgrothjan.com | @SarahGrothjan

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