Making the Swap to CBD Oil Cleanser


“Now, with One For All, I have no redness.”



So often our approach to face cleansers leans more cream-based instead of oil. We’re afraid of using an oil-based cleanser out of fear of creating breakouts or clogging the skin. But the truth is, when you use an oil cleanser on your skin not only are you breaking down and dissolving all impurities, but you’re balancing the production of your skin’s natural oils, furthering enhancing the softness and glow of your natural skin.


A luxurious blend of CBD, gardenia, moringa, tonka bean and sea buckthorn transforms the senses and breathes new life into the skin. Discover one of our own’s experience with this topical wellness oil in the Q&A below!

What is your favorite part of your skin? 

I like that my skin is smooth, I rarely have breakouts except maybe around my period and that’s just a few blemishes. But I guess my favorite part of my skin is that it’s not oily or dry. I have a pretty good balance which is why I was hesitant about putting oil on my face. I didn’t want an oil build up or for it to change my skin to be dry or oily.


Where do you judge yourself the most when it comes to your skin? And why?

I stress about the infrequent pimples I get because every day it seems my makeup doesn’t stay on enough to cover blemishes when they do happen. But overall, I’m pretty happy with my skin.

Sidenote: I don’t protect it well enough in the sunlight and I judge my skin for getting dark spots/moles even though I didn’t properly apply sunscreen as much as I should have. 


How do you use the One For All in your skincare routine?

I used it, in the beginning, only as a makeup remover but now I also use it as a cleanser. My one and only cleanser. Every night and sometimes in the morning if I feel like I need my “spa treatment” as I use it, let it sit and then apply a hot washcloth to wipe off.

I did mix with my usual primer/foundation today and it felt like I had more coverage. Might try that again. But I do like it best as a cleanser.

I use three drops every night to remove my makeup – on my forehead and both cheeks.


What did you use as a cleanser before One For All?

I used Acure face wipes to remove my makeup and Bare Minerals face cleanser or Clean & Clear. (Both are cream cleansers.) All mostly for sensitive skin.


Do you feel a difference between the CBD oil One For All cleanser as opposed to a traditional cream cleanser?

Yes. I immediately feel my skin is tighter than before. I feel like the skin under my eyes is getting tighter (a spot on my face I’m always concerned about). It’s just such a natural, clean, strong skin feeling.

Also, even with the cream cleansers for sensitive skin, I can say that my face would still be subject to redness after I cleansed. Now, with One For All, I have no redness.

CBD oil

How does it make your skin feel?

Clean, smooth and I love the scent!


Does it give you any other feels or stress relief besides external? 

Just knowing I am using natural products in yet another part of my life is reassuring to me.

I am on a mission to wear less makeup and I have been able to do that lately so I would say it gives me more confidence in my skin.


How often do you use it?

Every night and sometimes in the morning.


Have you tried mixing it with other products and using in different parts of your routine as a leave on product?

Tried that today. It felt I had a bit more coverage but I do love to use a warm washcloth to wipe it off every night so I don’t know how often I will use it with my primer.


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